Since faith is one, it must be professed in all its purity and integrity". Pope Francis/Pope Benedict

Saturday, 19 May 2018

Prayer to Our Lady of Palestine

Prayer to Our Lady of Palestine

O Mary Immaculate, gracious Queen of Heaven and of Earth, behold us prostrate before thy exalted throne. 

Full of confidence in thy goodness and in thy boundless power, we beseech thee to turn a pitying glance upon Palestine, which, more than any other country, belongs to thee, since thou hast graced it with thy birth, thy virtues and thy sorrows, and from there hast given the Redeemer to the world.

Remember that there especially thou wast constituted our tender Mother, the dispenser of graces. Watch, therefore, with special protection over thy native country, dispel from it the shades of error, for it was there that the Son of Eternal Justice shone. Bring about the speedy fulfillment of the promise, which issued from the lips of thy Divine Son, that there should be one fold and one Shepherd.

Obtain for us all that we may serve the Lord in sanctity and justice during all the days of our life, so that, by the merits of Jesus and with thy motherly aid, we may pass at last from this earthly Jerusalem to the splendors of the heavenly one. + Amen +

(“Imprimatur, Jerusalem. Kal. Jan. 1926: Aloysius Patriarcha”)
For some history on this beautiful prayer, please visit here

In 1948, Pope Pius XII outlined the only plan for true peace in the Holy Land: prayer to Our Lady. The Vicar of Christ was not listened to, Catholics did not pray for peace. Thus, war and rumours of war surround the Holy Land. With both sides in this blood feud becoming brutalized and desensitized from decades of violence and slaughter, the end does not look good.

There will be NO peace, as both sides reject the Prince of Peace. It is only a matter of time when the Man of Perdition (who will be a Jew according to the Fathers) will walk into the Temple, and make "peace". He will be the Antichrist.

Pope Pius wrote: 
But there is another special reason today which brings affliction and keen anxiety to our hearts. We mean to refer to the Holy Places of Palestine, which have long been disturbed.

Indeed, if there exists any place that ought to be most dear to every cultured person, surely it is Palestine, where, from the dawn of antiquity, such great light of truth shone for all men, where the Word of God made flesh announced, through the angels’ choir, peace to all men; where, finally, Christ hanging on the Cross acquired salvation for all mankind, with arms outstretched as if He were inviting all nations to fraternal harmony; and where He consecrated His precept of charity with the shedding of His blood.

We desire, therefore, Venerable Brethren, that supplications be poured forth to the Most Holy Virgin for this request: that the situation in Palestine may at long last be settled justly and thereby concord and peace be also happily established.

We place great confidence in the most powerful patronage of Our Heavenly Mother — a patronage which, during this month dedicated to her, innocent children especially will implore in a holy crusade of prayer.

Thursday, 17 May 2018

The Catholic Church against the scourge of Liberalism

The holy Pope Pius VIII reigned less than one year, yet he left us a legacy of profound insight, and a prophetic glance into the future. Most Catholics, even those who call themselves "traditional", are liberals. If you still support "religious liberty", or "separation of Church and State", no matter how you cut it, you are a liberal and endangering your Faith. What you build up during the day, you tear down by night. 

Catholics do NOT support "religious liberty", "separation of Church and State". Catholics work and pray for the day when the State is imbued with the Gospel, when the duly elected leaders (yes, even a "democracy" must have a King!!!), pay public homage to Our Lord Jesus Christ. This means that we have to proclaim to ALL - yes, all without exception - that Jesus Christ is the ONLY NAME under Heaven by which we are saved. This means that the State - EVERY State without EXCEPTION, must, if it is rightly ordered, honour Jesus Christ and acknowledge His Church, and not place it blasphemously on the same level as "heretical sects and Jewish perfidy" (Pius VII).

That means we have some serious work to do. We MUST proclaim Him to the Moslems, living in darkness, just as we MUST proclaim Him to the Jews who are in greater darkness than even the poor Moslems. For example, just the other day we saw the evil, Catholic-hating John Hagee, giving a "benediction" (in reality a demonic hymn to satanic - yes Satanic! - Zionism) on Monday, when that heretic did not even mention the Holy Name of JESUS before the unbelieving Jews. What a contrast between this sad man and St. Stephen who proclaimed Jesus before the Jews and suffered holy martyrdom!!! 

To proclaim Him, we must live for Him and be examples of holiness. If we merely shout, rage, denounce, but NOT lead -FIRSTLY - holy lives, what we build will be on sand, and not only doomed to failure, but be vanquished by Satan into his false kingdom. 

Humility, penance, prayer.... these are our weapons before any action!

Let us now, in the midst of near total ruin and corruption, take to heart the words of a holy Pope. 

Pius VIII wrote

Among these heresies belongs that foul contrivance of the sophists of this age who do not admit any difference among the different professions of faith and who think that the portal of eternal salvation opens for all from any religion. 

They, therefore, label with the stigma of levity and stupidity those who, having abandoned the religion which they learned, embrace another of any kind, even Catholicism. This is certainly a monstrous impiety which assigns the same praise and the mark of the just and upright man to truth and to error, to virtue and to vice, to goodness and to turpitude. 

Indeed this deadly idea concerning the lack of difference among religions is refuted even by the light of natural reason. We are assured of this because the various religions do not often agree among themselves. If one is true, the other must be false; there can be no society of darkness with light. Against these experienced sophists the people must be taught that the profession of the Catholic faith is uniquely true, as the apostle proclaims: one Lord, one faith, one baptism.

Jerome used to say it this way: he who eats the lamb outside this house will perish as did those during the flood who were not with Noah in the ark. Indeed, no other name than the name of Jesus is given to men, by which they may be saved. He who believes shall be saved; he who does not believe shall be condemned.

Monday, 14 May 2018


Today is a day of great sorrow for Catholics. The United States of America has formally moved its Embassy to Jerusalem, the capital of the "State of Israel". It was pathetic to hear the "Star Spangled Banner" being sung at this ceremony, with the words "land of the free" and "home of the brave" being sung, whilst America is crushed under the Zionist heel. 

But it goes far deeper, than mere political realities. Politics reflect religion - let there be no mistake. 

The history of the world is a theological history. The Jews as a Nation rejected Our Lord, though He Himself was and remains a Jew of the House of David. Our Lord's human heart is Jewish, and the salvific Blood He shed was and remains forever Jewish. This must be kept in mind, or Catholics risk falling into another form of naturalism; that is, hatred of Jews as a race, commonly referred to as "anti-semitism".

However, the rejection of Our Lord has led to disasterous results for the Jews. The belief in the one God has fallen drastically amongst Jews, as having rejected and crucified their Messiah, they seek Him where He is not, in naturalism. Marxism, capitalism, socialism, materialism, Freemasonry, Liberalism, all bear a very heavy imprint of Jewish formation or major influence. This is to be expected, as when one rejects God and sets oneself in opposition to Him, the results can only be dire. 

Since the Crucifixion, the Jewish nation has been combatting the supernatural influence that Our Lord seeks to diffuse through His Catholic Church. Jewish efforts to mould society and social organisms away from the supernatural life of grace, in opposition to Our Lord and His Church, must be combatted. These efforts must be combatted 100 fold over our combatting Islam, as the latter only attack the body, whilst the first attacks the soul and the mind. 

Zionism is a materialistic, messianic ideology permeated with Jewish racial pride. The distinguished Jewish convert, Fr. Lemann, quotes Rabbi Michel Weil as expressing this materialistic messianism accurately, the "true Redeemer as not being a person but Israel transformed into a beacon for the nations" (L'Univers Israelite, 1869, p.315). This same racialist-messianic ideology was re-proposed in the 1960s by Zionist, David Ben-Gurion when he outlined his futuristic vision that included: " In Jerusalem, the United Nations will build a shrine of the prophets to serve the federated union of all continents; this will be the seat of the Supreme Court of Mankind..."

Zionism, is viciously anti-Catholic. This may come as a shock to many well-meaning, but misguided and misled Catholics, who support Zionism. 
"Zionism, that politico-religious doctrine which gave birth to the modern state of Israel, was the Jewish heresy that the Messias is not a person, but the Jewish race should come as no surprise that its proponents were and are declared enemies of the Faith. In the book Rome and Jerusalem, another prominent Zionist, Moses Hess (1812-1875), developed the thesis that Rome (Christianity) must be supplanted by Jerusalem (Judaism)".
It should be no surprise to Catholics that in our present day, protestant "evangelicals", fanatically promote the heresy of "Christian Zionism". Every Catholic should, for example,  be repulsed by the psychopathic Catholic-hater, John Hagee and the equally evil Benjamin Netanyahu. Both men, agents of the devil, as Zionists are working against the Will of Christ.

This destructive racialist-messianism, was also alluded to by Pope Pius XII in his Christmas Allocution of 1948 for a very good reason. Palestine had just been invaded and occupied by foreign Jews from Europe. 

The holy Pope proclaimed: 
Hear resounding in the night like the bells of Christmas, the admirable words of the Apostle of the Gentiles, who had himself been a slave to the mean, narrow prejudices of nationalist and racial pride, stricken down along with him on the road to Damascus: 'He (Jesus Christ), is our peace who hath made both (peoples) one...killing the enmities in Himself. And coming He preached peace to you that were afar off, and peace to then that were nigh' (Ephesians, II, 14-17)". 
(Translation from the Italian original as it appeared in the Acta Apostolicae Sedis, Jan, 31, 1949). 

Thus, we see that building upon Original Sin, the Jewish nation has set itself up against God's plan for a return to Order and Unity of Humanity through submission to Christ's Church, the New Israel. The Jewish nation is called upon to submit to the Mystical Body and not try to impose its naturalistic ambitions on the world. 

Now, let us turn to the question of Palestine, with serene eyes, following the mind of the Church, which is the Mind of Christ. 

Have the Jews a right to Palestine in which they can set up a political State? Given their rejection of Our Lord, it is obvious they can no longer lay claim to the land by Divine Right. They received the land on condition that they obey God. They disobeyed Him, and crucified His Son. Additionally, the Arabs, who have lived in that area have natural rights too, which cannot be forgotten. 

We read in the Catholic Gazette of 1936, an article written by the eminent scholar, the Canon Arendzen: 
"The Arab population... have definite and inalienable rights which must be respected. The Jews are foreigners in Palestine and the intrusion of vast numbers of foreigners so as to swamp the native population seems an act of unprovoked injustice....the Jews have practically evacuated Palestine since 138 A.D., and their intrusion into it after having left it for eighteen hundred years seems unjustifiable, on any known principles of equity"

Having clarified that the Jews do not have a natural right to Palestine, let us delve a little more deeply into the theological implications of Jewish occupation of Palestine. In his book, "The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation", we read by the distinguished Irish historian and priest, Rev. Dr. Denis Fahey: 
"The Jewish claim to Palestine is implicitly a denial that they have disobeyed God and missed their vocation by the rejection of the Supernatural Messias. It is the assertion in action that the promised Messias has not yet come and that the day of their national domination over the world will yet dawn. The final result will inevitably be another disastrous blow to their hopes, for all their naturalistic attempts to impose their will on God, instead of accepting His, are doomed to failure, and every failure involves the Jewish nation in dire catastrophes" (p. 71). 
Let us therefore pray for the conversion of the Jews, who pain especially Our Lord's Sacred Jewish Heart. 

Today, as "Israel" takes perhaps one step closer to welcoming the Antichrist, let us pray for their return "for the sake of the fathers", as St. Paul did. 

Peace be unto Israel. Come Lord Jesus, come. 

Saturday, 12 May 2018

The destructive influence of Freemasonry and Liberalism on the minds of Catholics

Pope Leo XIII wrote - throughout his pontificate - about the evil influence of Freemasonry in Italy. What the holy pope wrote about that sect over 100 years ago is applicable to every country - without exception - where Freemasonry roams free to corrupt and destroy. 

We have had 500 years of protestantism, over 200 years of liberalism, and over 100 years of modernism -and here we are! 

The central doctrine, as Pope Leo taught in Humanum Genus of Freemasonry is religious indifferentism. We see it enshrined wherever we have so-called "religious liberty" and the "separation" of Church and state proclaimed. These are hard teachings for Catholics who have been brought up on liberalism, on false ecumenism (where the Catholic religion is placed equal to "heretical sects and even Jewish perfidy", as Pius VII taught) but these teachings are essential for a well-ordered society and state. Accusations of so-called "anti-semitism" will fly from those infected with naturalism and liberalism, but the Gospel must be preached to the Jews and Jewish naturalism must be opposed according to the mind of Christ and His Church. As Pius XI taught in Quas Primas, Our Lord is to be recognized by the civil authorities as King. If Jesus Christ is God, He must reign. 

The public display of the demonic: Ontario's lesbian Premier, her "lover"
 and assorted sexual deviants at a"Gay Pride" event
With our societies plunging back into a virulent form of vicious neo-paganism, Freemasonry has been at the forefront of this charge for over two centuries.  "Liberty" is the cry of the Freemason: a "liberty" from Jesus Christ and His Catholic Church. Here, in Canada, we have had a dramatic acceleration of this demonic activity. Who cannot see the exact same effects here, in Canada, that Pope Leo lamented well over 100 years ago; yet amplified, due to an extra century of Masonic subversion? 

Rascist Justin Trudeau has spent $650,000,000
to abort coloured babies in third world countries. 

Even Fr. Thomas Rosica, CSB, after years of supporting and praising Canada's wicked Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, has had an epiphany (after being cut off from government funds) and denounced the PM and his evil gang  of malefactors, as "agents of a new dictatorship". Is it not sad that we cannot think of any other prominent priest or bishop in this country who will do the same? Is Fr. Rosica the only clerical opposition Canada's evil dictator has to face? 

Dictator Justin Trudeau promoting abortion, homosexual activity,
the profanation of marriage, and euthanasia

The glorification of divorce, general immorality and homosexuality in particular, the promotion of contraception and abortion, the attacks on the family through oppressive taxes and technocratic control and so forth. Let us not be deluded. Things will not be getting better, but worse. Many Catholics had put there trust in Jason Kenney. Sadly, he too has sold out to the "LGBT" juggernaut. Be prepared. Put not your trust in "princes".

Sad, cowardly Jason Kenney surrendering
to the Homosexual juggernaut

From Pope Leo's Custodi di Quella Fede

The satanic intent of the persecutors has been to substitute naturalism for Christianity, the worship of reason for the worship of faith, so-called independent morality for Catholic morality, and material progress for spiritual progress. 

To the holy maxims and laws of the Gospel, they have opposed laws and maxims which can be called the code of revolution...

...they sought nonetheless to introduce and promote civil marriages and funerals. If they have not yet succeeded in seizing control of education and the direction of charitable institutions...

The road is very short from religious to social ruin. The heart of man is no longer raised to heavenly hopes and loves; capable and needing the infinite, it throws itself insatiably on the goods of this earth. Inevitably there is a perpetual struggle of avid passions to enjoy, become rich, and rise. Then we encounter a large and inexhaustible source of grudges, discords, corruptions, and crimes...

 New generations which grew up in a spirit of misunderstood freedom are unleashed in the cities, generations which do not respect anything from above or below. The cities teem with incitements to vice, precocious crimes, and public scandals. 

The state should be content with the high and noble office of recognizing, protecting, and helping divine and human rights in their harmonious universality. Now, however, the state believes itself almost a judge and disowns these rights or restricts them at will. Finally, the general social order is undermined at its foundations. Books and journals, schools and universities, clubs and theaters, monuments and political discourse, photographs and the fine arts, everything conspires to pervert minds and corrupt hearts.

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Feast of the Ascension: Sung Latin Mass

The spiritual, interior life, is where we see the state of the Christian soul. We cannot do good works without Christ always being in first place in our lives. As we witness scandals, errors, we will be tempted more and more to allow this "noise" into our souls, to corrupt it. Resist! Do not let the devil disturb you. 

This evening, in the lovely parish of St. Mary's, in the west-end of Toronto, there will be a Sung Latin Mass. 

Come to worship Christ Our Lord! 

CARDINAL DOLAN SPEAKS: "Met Gala "can only be good for the Church"

The Catholic Church - Christ's Mystical Body on earth - was violently assaulted the other night in New York City. The High Priest, Caiphas (Cardinal Dolan), and Herod (Stephen Schwarzman) - or, in Renaissance language, the corrupt nominal Christian Prince and his Jewish money lender - brought together a mob of Jews and Gentiles, sexual libertines and outright sexual perverts, to once again re-crucify Christ in His Mystical Body. Nothing ever changes. 

The neo-modernist Crux, carries a report quoting Cardinal Dolan's approval of the blasphemous, licentious Met Gala from the other night. Can you imagine Sts. Peter or Paul getting together with powerful, wealthy Roman citizens to mock Christ and His Church for 30 pieces of silver? That is why we must prepare ourselves for a near total collapse of the institutional Church in Europe and North America. Be prepared.

However, as the Church collapses into twilight in the decadent and apostate "West", the Church is seeing a re-emergence in Africa and the Middle East, Her traditional lands. We have the bricks and mortar, they have the Faith. 

A number of years ago, the Chicago-born priest, Fr, John O'Connor reflected on whether or not we should give our money to these bishops or to Rome. Well, once again, Fr. O' Connor is proven the prophet. 

Here, Fr. O'Connor speaks about the churchmen's vast art collection. 

Watch this video, spread this video.  

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Suspended from Twitter for criticizing the Met Gala on the grounds of "hateful conduct"

The tweet that Twitter found "hateful" 
Last night, my Canadian account was temporarily suspended for using the word "sodomite". Due to algorithms, the Tweet was identified within THREE minutes. I immediately screenshot it, and placed the "offending" tweet on my USA account. 

Action item: bombard Twitter demanding that it REMOVE the offensive and blasphemous photos of the Met Gala. 

Friends, I have just submitted a number of tweets by the official Met Gala Twitter account for suspension. 


It took less than a couple of minutes to select and submit the disgusting tweets. Do you not have extra two minutes today you can put aside for Our Lord? 

Catholics, Christians and men and women of good will! Let us not sit back and do nothing! Yes, very likely my complaint will be ignored. After all, how can they be "offensive" to Catholics, since they have been endorsed by a Prince of the Church: His Eminence Timothy Cardinal Dolan? 

I am reminded of the vision of St. Faustina Kowalska, when she saw Cardinals and bishops taking the whips from the Roman soldiers, to continue flogging Our Lord. 

Our Lord was flogged the other night. Let us, like the holy women be with Jesus during His humiliation and torture. Let us be with Him especially, when He is being tortured by the very men who should be His holy priests.